Local elections

Eastbourne Green Party stood a candidate in each of the 9 wards. The results showed an approximate 11.2% share of the overall votes, which is a great start and a good result. Overall, the Liberal Democrats gained 18 seats and the Conservatives 9, giving the Liberal Democrats majority control.

The results of each ward were as follows.

Devonshire: ALEX LEA 

531 votes.

Held by the Liberal Democrats.

Hampden Park: IVOR HUETING

Ivor is a former Tesco Associate Director, with twenty years in management. Ivor and his wife Margaret form The Fostering Relationships Partnership (formerly Impax Training), which offers specialised in-house training for foster carers and adoptive parents. They have lived in Hampden Park for over thirty years and Ivor is currently a committee member of the Hampden Park Community Association. 

407 votes.

Held by the Liberal Democrats.


Pippa is Australian-born and, from 1980, reared a family and taught in Eastbourne, partly in the Langney community. More recently, Pippa works as an artist and portrait painter. Pippa enjoys nature, reading, singing, cycling, friendship and Matthew Mission. She faces a terrifying social and environmental future by supporting the Green Party. 

260 votes.

Held by the Liberal Democrats.


Sally lives and works in the Meads, managing the Eastbourne Clinic of Natural Medicine. A long term member of the Green Party, Sally believes that their policies are essential to ensuring a healthy environment, maintaining spending on vital public services, as well as safer roads for pedestrians and cyclists.

713 votes.

Held by the Conservatives.

Old Town Eastbourne: ROB CLARKE

Rob, 33, is the father of a young lad (8) with a new baby arriving just after the elections! Recent mortgaged home owner (NOT help to buy), Rob has worked in Eastbourne since 2003. He is a proud Unite Union workplace representative and is committed to democracy, fairness and equality. 

898 votes.

Held by the Liberal Democrats.


Australian-born, Dr. John Oliphant has lived in Eastbourne for 35 years. A practising historian (writer, teacher and lecturer), John champions free access to self-discovery through learning. Determined to defend open green spaces and a committed foe to noise pollution, he offers a discriminating and perceptive approach to local affairs.  

356 votes.

Held by the Conservatives.

St. Anthony: HUGH NORRIS

325 votes.

Held by the Liberal Democrats.


Sovereign: ROB SIER

Rob is a Drainage Engineer and has lived in Eastbourne since 2000. Climate change is a threat we, and future generations, face; something only the Green Party take seriously. Sovereign ward is vulnerable to rising sea levels and the consequent risks of flooding. Rob’s 25 years of experience in the water industry will be invaluable to addressing these issues locally.

321 votes.

Held by the Conservatives.


Alexandra is a Chartered Physiotherapist having worked at the DGH, Brighton, London and abroad.  Currently, she is a freelance lecturer.  Alex has lived in Eastbourne for 18 years and has been a councilor previously, where she was Eastbourne’s Disability Champion.  She particularly enjoyed the casework and is still advocating for several disabled residents. 

588 votes.

Gained by the Liberal Democrtas from the Conservatives.


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we are the #greensurge

we are the #greensurge