You are warmly invited to our World Cafe on Monday 10th October

26 September 2016

For the want of a dream, an action was lost

For the want of an action, a vote was lost


Is the UK heading in the same direction as the US where a recent study by Princeton University concluded that the average person’s opinion doesn’t matter? Does your vote matter to you? It certainly does to us. Through the World Café gathering, we aim to create an ‘inviting’ space to encourage you to collaborate with people who have different interests to talk about the local implications of government policies.


Exploration about how we can most effectively influence our local parliamentary candidates to act for the greater good of the majority of citizens is made possible by the World Café process. After about twenty minutes discussion at the first table, participants move on to another table with different people. By gathering together, we are better informed, have fresh ways of thinking and become more resilient in our political resolve.


Everyone attending our World Café gathering can benefit from hearing your views. Let’s get together: together we’ll have more impact on our local scene. If you haven’t already done so, go to and check the ‘The quick Reference Guide’.


Your contribution to the success of our gathering is vital. Monday, 10th October, 7 to 9 pm at the Age Concern William and Patricia Venton Centre, Junction Road. Eastbourne BN21 3QY Make sure the date is in your diary!