We are the Eastbourne branch of the Green Party of England and Wales, which promotes policies of ecological sustainability, a fairer economy and a more equal society.

The Green Party believes in a higher standard of democracy and the accountability of politicians to the communities they serve. We believe in social justice on a global level as well as in our own country.

A vote for the Green Party means standing up for the rights and welfare of the many – not just the privileged few. We are not afraid to stand up and defend the things that we believe in.

The Green Party, unlike all the other parties, is wholly democratic – our policy is developed and passed by the membership – not the leadership. We believe that each individual voice needs to be heard and listened to. We believe that it is our willingness to listen and embrace divergent views that makes us strong.

Also, the Green Party is growing. Every day more and more people join us and add their voice.

Can you add your voice and help us make the world a fairer place for everyone?

Three reasons to vote Green:

  1. Only the Green Party will fight austerity and welfare cuts
  2. Only the Green Party will oppose privatisation and fight for public services to be in public hands
  3. Only the Green Party will drive the necessary transition from fossil fuels to a sustainable world we can pass on to future generations  

If you’re fed up with politics that tinkers around the edges of problems and you want to see real change, support the Green Party.

The Green Party offers real change, for a fairer society and for the common good.

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